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Clackamas County

About  Clackamas County

 This fantastic hand-crafted timber truss lodge was built by acclaimed Teal Point Custom Homes in beautiful Clackamas County. Built with quality construction and high-end fixtures and finishes, this home is a wonderful blend of luxury, grandeur and modern amenities. 

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Exterior & Aerial Views


This fantastic custom craftsman was built by acclaimed Teal Point Custom Homes in beautiful Clackamas County. Featuring amazing views of the valley and beyond, this home is nestled in a picturesque and private setting on an expansive lot. The exterior boasts a sweeping circular driveway and an incredible amount of room for storing your cars, tools and toys! Well-placed landscaping dots the drive as guests are welcomed to the front door. Entertain with ease on the fabulous outdoor patio, where a variety of living spaces abound. Look out onto picturesque views while you cozy up next to the built-in wood-burning fireplace, pull up a chair to the eat-in bar top, or lounge on the open patio. With wonderful attention to detail, this space has it all!


Enter the home through dramatic double doors. The entryway is appointed with exposed beam vaulted ceilings, and illuminated by a chandelier overhead. To one side, a wall of stone draws the eye and adds architectural interest, while the other side is covered in masterful millwork. 

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Grand Room


The floor plan opens into a majestic great room. Exposed beam vaulted ceilings and grand chandeliers create a masterpiece overhead, while the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows acts as a work of art that changes with the seasons. A rustic aesthetic is featured throughout, and can be seen in the stone and dark wood detail. A grand fireplace acts as the centerpiece to the living room and is accompanied by built-ins, while hardwoods flow throughout.


Formal & Informal Dining


Enjoy meals in the formal dining room, illuminated by tasteful overhead light fixtures. A generous window looks out onto the picturesque valley views beyond, while doors to the outdoor patio are located nearby. The informal dining area is conveniently located off the kitchen, and is ideal for casual meals.

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Style and functionality combine in the fabulous kitchen. Warm cabinetry punctuates the stylish stone backsplash, while the oversized central island with built-in prep sink and high-end appliances offer modern luxuries for any budding chef. The great layout stays connected to the dining room; guests can also pull up a barstool to the eat-in bar top and check in with the chef.


Master Suite

Tucked away from the main living areas, the master suite boasts gorgeous views and direct access to the patio. Pamper yourself in the attached bathroom, truly a well-appointed space. Enjoy the beautiful tile-work, an oversized shower, two separate sink vanities, and a walk-in closet.


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You will love the in-home office, filled with fantastic wooden built-ins as far as the eye can see. The room is a cozy space that is perfect for quiet, uninterrupted work.

Guest Suite & Second Guest Suite

The first guest suite is a fabulous private retreat, featuring lovely crown molding, a wet bar, ample storage options and views of the outdoors through sizable windows. Filled with custom fixtures and finishes, the attached bathroom is a portrait of convenience. The second guest suite is a cozy and comfortable space. Plush carpet flows underfoot and modern recessed lighting keeps the room well-lit. Attached to the space, the en suite bathroom is equipped with an oversized sink vanity, and a beautifully tiled shower tub.

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Additional Bathrooms and Laundry

Don’t miss the enormous utility room. Here, your laundry can be easily organized and stored in the amazing cabinet and counter space. Two additional bathrooms are stylish and well-designed for your comfort and convenience.

Contact Sara Lewis if you are interested or have questions about this property.

Sara Lewis
Licensed Oregon Broker | M Realty