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Built with incredible attention to detail, this Teal Point Custom home offers seamless luxury both inside and out. Enjoy incredible views of the stunning Willamette Valley and majestic Mt. Hood beyond from the expansive deck and elsewhere throughout this thoughtfully constructed home. Pull into the wide driveway, where a three-car garage is ready to house all your vehicles, tools, and toys. A lush lawn contrasts with neat garden beds, which are punctuated by colorful shrubs. Full of curb appeal, the craftsman-inspired architecture complements the natural beauty of its surroundings and features a multitude of custom details. Follow another sloping drive down to the back yard, past rustic rock outcroppings and expansive garden beds, past another garage, to the lower patio. The hand-laid cobblestone is the perfect place to host barbeques or to simply enjoy the stunning view. 


Inside, the light-filled entryway features an abundance of details, from the intricate chandelier to coffered wainscoting and distinctive crown moulding. Luminous, heated hardwoods flow throughout this entire home. Continue down the hall to the regal dining area, where trayed ceilings and bay windows bring light and air into this formal space. From the dining room, continue into the living room, where a bold chandelier crowns the ascendant vaulted ceilings. Classic built-ins frame the marble-surrounded fireplace: perfect for those chilly evenings! Tall windows look east, and allow for a jaw-dropping view of Mt. Hood on clear days. Just off the living room, the informal dining area is bathed in natural light and features access to the enormous upper deck. The nearby kitchen is the seasoned gourmet’s dream: a marble island with eat-in bar, professional-grade stainless steel appliances, ample cabinetry, and a multitude of custom touches are all sure to delight and inspire. 


Complete with a luxurious master suite, private office, art studio, exercise room with ballet bar, woodshop, and wine room, this home is the picture of comfort and class. In addition to all its wonderful features it is also ADA accessible, boasting an in-home elevator. With all its wonderful details and its keen eye for design, this home is another outstanding example of Teal Point Custom Homes’ tradition of excellence.


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Teal Point’s commitment to beauty and integrity is immediately evident in this home’s charming curb appeal. A three car garage at the initial driveway offers you plenty of storage space for your vehicles and more. The stately entryway is characterized by its custom masonry and unique door. Inside, access to the vast back deck can be found from the great room. Utilize this wonderful outdoor living area for both special occasions and daily use. Down the sloping drive, another garage functions as even more storage space. Expansive lawns surround this wonderful craftsman-inspired home, providing plenty of space to entertain. The lower patio is also ideal for the host, where the hand-laid cobblestone is the perfect gathering place. Enjoy world-class views of beautiful Mt. Hood at any time of day from this charming patio.




An ornate chandelier greets residents and and guests upon entry, where this home’s attention to detail comes to the forefront. Coffered wainscoting, heated hardwood floors, and crown moulding continue from the entryway into the hallway, where a built-in coat rack and bench are convenient storage solutions. The regal dining room is perfect for special occasions: trayed ceilings, center an old-world inspired chandelier, while handsome columns support the arched doorway. Out of the formal dining room, head into the expansive living area. Lofty, vaulted ceilings carry another elegant chandelier, while beadboard-backed built-ins frame the marble-surrounded fireplace. Cozy during colder months, this focal point lends an air of timeless comfort to this grand space. From the tall wooden windows, a spectacular view of Mt. Hood is possible on clear days.


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Nearby, the informal dining area is ideal for your daily routine: greet the day in this cozy nook and watch the sun rise over the east Willamette Valley. The stunning kitchen lies not far away from the informal dining area. A marble island with eat-in bar, professional-grade stainless steel kitchen appliances, expansive marble countertops, custom cabinetry, and a butler’s pantry all make this kitchen a dream for the home cook. Allow yourself to be inspired in this thoughtfully-designed space!



The luxurious master suite is truly fit for royalty: trayed ceilings, a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood, and plenty of space all invite you to sit back and relax. The ensuite bathroom features tandem vanities, plenty of storage space, a step-in shower with bench, and beautiful custom tilework. Preparing for your day is a joy in a bathroom such as this! 


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  • main_mastersuite_bathshower_14921-s-sunterra-loop_096_webres
  • main_mastersuite_bathshower_14921-s-sunterra-loop_097_webres
  • main_mastersuite_bathsink_14921-s-sunterra-loop_094_webres
  • main_mastersuite_bathshower_tile_14921-s-sunterra-loop_098_webres
  • main_mastersuite_bathtile_14921-s-sunterra-loop_093_webres

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Also on the main level, a distinctive office with extensive bookshelves is ideal for uninterrupted work. The full bath nearby features ornate fixtures, sleek tile floors, and marble countertops. Perfect for entertaining, you and your guests are sure to welcome such thoughtful planning.  




Head downstairs, where a guest bedroom features plush carpeting and wide, bright windows. Head down the hall, through French doors, and into the studio suite. This wonderful flex space is totally customizable to fit your passions. Artists can draw inspiration from the wonderful surroundings, while the backyard is fully accessible through the glass side door. The ensuite bathroom also features custom tilework and storage space. Nearby, the workout room offers endless potential! A ballet bar and mirror are illuminated by the tall windows and glass doors that open out onto the patio. An expansive space such as this simply requires your vision to make your wants into haves. Another special feature, the beautiful wine tasting room is the perfect place to gather and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Teal Point Custom Homes helps you to love where you live!


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  • lwr_suite1_bath_14921-s-sunterra-loop_015_webres
  • lwr_banister_14921-s-sunterra-loop_034_webres
  • lwr_bed1_14921-s-sunterra-loop_030_webres
  • lwr_bed1_14921-s-sunterra-loop_029_webres
  • lwr_bed1_14921-s-sunterra-loop_031_webres
  • lwr_gym_14921-s-sunterra-loop_001_webres
  • lwr_gym_14921-s-sunterra-loop_002_webres
  • lwr_gym_14921-s-sunterra-loop_003_webres
  • lwr_gym_14921-s-sunterra-loop_005_webres
  • lwr_winerm_14921-s-sunterra-loop_024_webres
  • lwr_winerm_14921-s-sunterra-loop_025_webres
  • lwr_winerm_14921-s-sunterra-loop_026_webres
  • lwr_winerm_chandalier_14921-s-sunterra-loop_023_webres
  • lwr_winerm_chandalier_14921-s-sunterra-loop_021_webres
  • lwr_winerm_chandalier_14921-s-sunterra-loop_020_webres
  • lwr_hallchandalier_14921-s-sunterra-loop_006_webres
  • lwr_winerm_14921-s-sunterra-loop_032_webres
  • lwr_winerm_door_14921-s-sunterra-loop_027_webres
  • lwr_winerm_door_14921-s-sunterra-loop_028_webres
  • lwr_winerm_mantle_14921-s-sunterra-loop_022_webres
  • lwr_winerm_moulding_14921-s-sunterra-loop_019_webres
  • lwr_hall_14921-s-sunterra-loop_018_webres
  • lwr_hallfloor_14921-s-sunterra-loop_033_webres


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